ASPRICH 5KW 5120WH Lion Mini Portable Power Station

ASPRICH 5KW 5120WH Lion Mini Portable Power Station

ASPRICH 5KW 5120WH Lion Mini Portable Power Station


ASPRICH 5KW 5120WH Lion Mini Portable Power Station

This battery pack provide extra battery for power station,meet long time operation requirement.
portable power station,5kw,5120WH,output 120v,battery with inverter,backup energy for house
5kw portable power station is a mobile Energy House.Cart design,5120WH high capacity,LiFePO4 battery long
lifetime,support extra battery expanding,noise free,no pollution.It is an ideal solution for back-up energy.

ASPRICH 5KW 5120WH Lion Mini Portable Power Station
ASPRICH 5KW 5120WH Lion Mini Portable Power Station

Model No.: RES-5120WH
Battery cell type: LiFePO4 battery
3.Positive pole x 2; Negative pole x 2.
Charge:1.wall charger; generator;3.cigarette lighter.
Lifetime:capacity after 2000 times full charge and discharge >80%
Feature:trolley is designed to load the battery pack,each trolley could load 2 packs,easy to move around.

portable power station,3kw,5120Wh,LiFePO4 battery with inverter,backup energy for house.
This portable power station is designed as backup energy for house.also used as backup energy where electricity is
not available.3kw portable power station is engaged with 20A and 30A outlets,can be connected to main panel to
energy the full house.No noise,no gas,no pollution,it is ideal to replace gasoline generator.
High capacity:3072kwh LiFePO4 battery.
Expandability:grow capacity by link extra batteries,up to 18kwh.
Silent:no noise.
Safety: LiFePO4 battery is the most safe solution for portable power station.After 2000 times recycle,battery
Compact with wheel :wheel design makes it easy to move around.
Support discharging while charging.

Input : AC socket, solar panel port, DC Anderson port.
ways to recharge : AC plug in(built-in AC adapter); solar panel;

(1)Household backup energy,in case of energy shortage caused by flood,storm,tornato and other extreme
weathers,matching with solar panel,it is a solution of solar generator with energy storage.
(2)Outings energy company,charge mini-refridges,laptop,cafe cooker,smart phone,camera,lamps,drones and variety of
electronic devices,tools.
(3)Enterprise portable generator,home backup energy,backup energy for server,monitor etc.
Available Customed Capacity:: 500W,1000W,1500W,5KW

Rated Power 5120W
Peak Power 6000W
Battery Capacity 5120Wh
Battery Type LiFePO4
Input Wall Charger built-in adapter(100-240V)
Solar Panel 6500W(130V 50A) with MPPT
DC 5521 10-40V 100A
Recharge time Wall Charger 4.0H
Solar Panel 1.6H
DC 5521 1.6H
Output : AC 4 socket: 20A 110V ; 1 socket : 30A 110V
Output : DC 2x 5521 , 12V 10A
1x cigarette lighter,12V 10A
Output : USB-A(QC3.0) 2x 18W : 5V3A 9V2A 12V1.5A
Output : Type-C C1 30W : 5V6A/ 9V3A /12V2.5A/ 15V2A/ 20V1.5A
C2 100W : 5V20A 9V11A 12V8A 15V6.5A 20V5A could be used as recharge port
Display Screen LCD
Recharging Temp 0~40°C(32° to 104°F)
Operating Temp -10~65°C(14° to 149°F)
Size(mm)Length*Width*Height 715.5*650*612mm
N.W.( lb / kg ) 210 lbs (95 kg)
Storage/Operating Attitude 6562 ft. (2000m)
Charge Cycles 2000 cycles to 80% capacity
UN38.3 Yes


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