Atlas Copco Air dryers for dry compressed air

Atlas Copco Air dryers for dry compressed air

Atlas Copco Air dryers for dry compressed air


Atlas Copco Air dryers for dry compressed air
Our range of compressed air dryers protect your systems and processes in a reliable, energy-efficient and cost-
effective way.

Water in your compressed air system?
This happens almost everywhere, but it can have serious consequences for your compressed air system and the
quality of the end product. Causes of water in your compressed air system When the air is compressed,
condensation occurs.The following factors determine the amount of water:

Inlet conditions
Ambient air quality
The moisture content is higher in warm and humid air, which means that more water comes out of the compressor.
The compressed air contains less water when the pressure is higher and the easier it can be dried. Think of a
sponge that is soaked with water; the more it is squeezed, the less water it contains.

How does an air dryer work?
Air dryers remove moisture from the air.
Each dryer system- desiccant dryer, refrigerated dryer, and membrane dryer, uses its own technique.

The measurement of dry compressed air after processing is known as its ‘dew point’. The lower the temperature of
the dew point, the less amount of water vapor in the air. Dew point means the actual temperature where
condensation begins. For example, if the dew point is -40 C° this means condensation starts only if compressed
air temperature goes down to -40 c.


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